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TSM SQL Beginners Tutorial (4)


Home SQL




So instead of "*" as a synonym wildcard for "everything", we specify the fields we want to see by replacing "*" with the desired field names.

select tabname, remarks from tables

Don't forget to separate the field names using a comma sign. Since field names are unique within a table, we don't have to worry about using upper or lower case characters.

TABNAME                REMARKS          
------------------     ----------------------------------------------------------------
ACTLOG                 Server activitylog             
ADMINS                 Server administrators            
ADMIN_SCHEDULES        Administrative command schedules
ARCHIVES               Client archive files           
AR_COPYGROUPS          Management class archive copy groups          
ASSOCIATIONS           Client schedule associations    
AUDITOCC               Server audit occupancy results
BACKUPS                Client backup files           
BACKUPSETS             Backup Set       
BU_COPYGROUPS          Management class backup copy groups          
CLIENTOPTS             Client Options   
CLIENT_SCHEDULES       Client schedules 
CLOPTSETS              Client Option Sets
CONTENTS               Storage pool volume contents 
DB                     Server database information     
DBBACKUPTRIGGER        Database backup trigger information     
DBSPACETRIGGER         Database space trigger information     
DBVOLUMES              Database volumes 
DEVCLASSES             Device Classes   
DOMAINS                Policy domains   
DRIVEMAPS              Drive Map        
DRIVES                 Drives           
DRMCSTGPOOLS           Copy storage pools managed by the disaster recovery manager         
DRMEDIA                Physical volumes managed by move drmedia         
DRMMACHINE             Disaster recovery manager machine information     
DRMMACHINECHARS        Disaster recovery manager machine characteristics 
DRMMACHINENODE         Disaster recovery manager machine node associations
DRMMACHINERECINST      Disaster recovery manager machine recovery instructions    
DRMMACHINERECMEDIA     Disaster recovery manager machine recovery media associations    
DRMPSTGPOOLS           Primary storage pools managed by the disaster recovery manager
DRMRECOVERYMEDIA       Disaster recovery manager recovery media           
DRMSRPF                Recovery plan files in source server          
DRMSTANZA              Recovery plan file stanza names    
DRMSTATUS              Disaster recovery manager status information     
DRMTRPF                Recovery plan files in target server          
EVENTS                 Scheduled Event Results         
FILESPACES             Client file spaces
GROUP_MEMBER           Group Members    
LIBRARIES              Libraries        
LIBVOLUMES             Library volumes  
LICENSES               Server feature licenses        
LOG                    Server recovery log information 
LOGSPACETRIGGER        Recovery Log space trigger information     
LOGVOLUMES             Recovery log volumes         
MEDIA                  Physical volumes managed by move media           
MGMTCLASSES            Management classes
NODES                  Client nodes     
OCCUPANCY              Client storage occupancy       
OPTIONS                Server Options   
POLICYSETS             Policy sets      
PROCESSES              Client schedule associations    
PROFILES               Profiles         
PROF_ASSOCIATIONS      Profile associations    
RECLAIM_ANALYSIS       Server reclamation analysis table  
RESTORES               Client restore operations      
SCRIPTS                Server Command Scripts         
SCRIPT_NAMES           Server Command Script Names    
SERVERS                Remote server nodes           
SERVER_GROUP           Server Groups    
SESSIONS               Active client sessions        
SPACEMGFILES           Client space-managed files       
STATUS                 Server status    
STGPOOLS               Storage pools    
SUBSCRIPTIONS          Subscriptions    
SUMMARY                Server Activity Summary Table   
VOLHISTORY             Volume history information     
VOLUMES                Storage pool volumes         
VOLUMEUSAGE            SEQUENTIAL volume usage by client node            
COLUMNS                SQL Table Column Catalog         
ENUMTYPES              SQL Enumerated Types Catalog   
TABLES                 SQL Table Catalog

Many of these Tables are pretty well integrated into standard TSM admin commands. For example the TSM command "Query DB" or clicking your way through the Web Admin Interface "Object View -> Database" will more or less give you the same information as the SQL Query "select * from db".

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