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TSM SQL Advanced Tutorial (6)


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TSM data is scattered across a lot of tables, each holding information about a specific topic. But what if we need data from more than one table at the same time? SQL can not only get to any data from any table in a database, but also identify similar fields across tables which allow us to set data from different tables into senseful relation to one another. This principle is called "joining". We can join tables by choosing identical information ("keys") from the tables and making sure these keys match during our query. Before joining tables, we introduce an alternative way of referencing columns. So far we've only addressed columns using the principle "select column from table". SQL can also refer to a column by writing "select table.column from table". This seems a litle redundant at first glance, however as soon as we work a single query across more than one table, it starts making sense. We proceed with a trivial example that shows filespace capacity and the node's compression setting for each filespace. So we need the "compression" column from the "nodes" table, the "filespace_name" column from the "filespaces" table, the "capacity" column from the "filespaces" table and the "node_name" column which can be found in either of the two tables. This "node_name" column is also the "key" bindung our tables together, since its presumably the same information in both tables, allowing us to identify which compression setting relates to which filespace:

select nodes.node_name, filespaces.filespace_name, nodes.compression, -
filespaces.capacity from nodes, -
filespaces where nodes.node_name=filespaces.node_name

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